Iris application was developed in 2017, in collaboration with the Greek National Institute for Deaf. Its goal is to remotely connect users via image and sound in real time, and particularly to support the deaf and hard of hearing all over Greece.

Via Iris application, the user can immediately receive live interpretation to and from the Greek Sign Language and lip-reading (Relay Service) without physical presence of the interpreter in the point of service. Interpretation is provided remotely via immediate connection to the support service of the National Institute for Deaf.

The service is provided by the Institute free of charge, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The benefited population is estimated to be 150.000 people and 5% of European citizens.

The advantages:

  • Immediate, professional, free of charge support of users
  • More interpretations effected per day
  • Priority Emergency Calls handling (Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade)
  • Equal and unrestricted access of the benefiting citizens to all services, their independence and participation in all social and cultural events, promotion of equal opportunities.


Iris  application is capable of running on all mobile devices, tablets and their respective operating systems (android, ios)

The software provides stability regardless of call load because of the command and process division across multiple servers.

Sending and receiving information is encrypted, guaranteeing the security of the user’s communication content and personal data.

For installation assistance and user manual please  click here

Relay Service is provided free of charge by the National Institute for Deaf. Data charges for using of the app and making a video call  may apply according to your phone service provider’s pricelist and program.

If you are unable to install or run the application, please contact